Section 72 Dickson – NCCC Advocates for Community/Cultural Use

Section 72 Dickson -  NCCC Advocates for Community/Cultural Use

That the meeting (21 Nov 18) requests the NCCC to advocate to retain Section 72 for community and cultural purposes, including, but not limited to, action on the six recommendations in the Working Group’s position paper and in light of the issues and opportunities outlined in the paper.

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Community Association opposes Lyneham Oval Development

The Lyneham Community Association advises that a community petition with 1553 signatures opposed to the proposal by Brindabella Christian College to sub-lease and develop a portion of Lyneham Neighbourhood Oval was lodged in the ACT Legislative Assembly recently. (See petition no. 9-15). After consideration of the petition,

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Grevillea Park Master Plan – Drop-in information session 19 November

The Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate invites you to attend a drop-in information session regarding the Grevillea Park Master plan. The Master plan has been developed using urban design and planning principles to provide a vision for Grevillea Park as a recreational hub for community

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