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Heritage Nomination – Dickson Aerodrome

How many of Canberra’s residents know the city’s original aerodrome was at Dickson? And how many might know the aerodrome—which half a century later became known as the Northbourne Aviation Ground—played a major role in the formation of the national capital?

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NCCC June 2020 Newsletter

As we reach the halfway point of the year, the 2020 ACT election campaign is gathering momentum. There has been a number of new pledges and announcements over the past month, including additional infrastructure in Braddon and Dickson, tree planting, and the announcement of additional bus services.

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NCCC May 2020 Newsletter

The past month has given some cause for cautious optimism with Canberra, having so far avoided any serious outbreaks of COVID-19, beginning to take the first tentative steps towards re-opening.

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NCCC April 2020 Newsletter

It has been a truly eventful year, with the devastating impacts of the summer bushfires and Covid-19 continuing to ripple through society and through the inner north community

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Latest DAs

18 Marcus Clarke Street, City, ACT – Closes: 2020-07-20;

Description: PROPOSAL FOR PUBLIC WORKS AND ALTERATIONS TO EXISTING COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT – Alterations and additions to ground floor commercial tenancies, including preparation for childcare centre, road and verge alterations, addition of outdoor pedestrian plaza and seating pavilion, landscaping, tree removal and associated works.

Dickson Place, Dickson, ACT – Closes: 2020-07-17;

Description: PROPOSAL FOR ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS TO EXISTING COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT + alterations and additions to the existing commercial building, landscaping, signage, car parking and verge alterations and associated works.

60 Swinden Street, Downer, ACT – Closes: 2020-07-15;

Description: PROPOSAL FOR A SECONDARY DWELLING – a new single storey dwelling in addition to the existing dwelling, demolition of existing pergola, installation of water tank, landscaping and associated works.

6 Todd Street, O'connor, ACT – Closes: 2020-07-07;

Description: PROPOSAL FOR CARPORT – The construction of a new carport and associated works.

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The North Canberra Community Council (NCCC) is the officially recognised peak community body representing the interests and concerns of the residents and businesses within the Inner North region of Canberra.  We liaise with the ACT Government, our community and other interested parties to promote and enhance the economic, cultural, social and environmental wellbeing of the North Canberra community.

The NCCC is made up of volunteers who regularly engage with the various suburban groups and residents in our area so we can work together to preserve what is best about North Canberra and ensure that as we grow and redevelop that it is always a great place to live, work and play.