North Canberra Location Map

North Canberra, also known as the Inner North, is made up of the central city area (Civic), the Australian National University, the University of NSW at ADFA, Duntroon, the Australian Catholic University, and 14 suburbs.

In the 2016 Census it housed over 53,002 people (13.3% of the Australian Capital Territory’s total population) in over 21,555 dwellings. The area is rapidly transforming, with a major investment in a new light rail service between Civic and Gungahlin.

North Canberra forms part of the Territory’s Kurrajong electorate, which covers much of the original site surveyed by Charles Scrivener and shown on Walter Burley Griffin’s and Marion Mahony Griffin’s plans for the national capital dating back to 1912.

It is one of the oldest parts of the city, incorporating large original land grants to Robert Campbell and Joshua John Moore in the 1830s next to the Molonglo River, and many smaller farms and properties pre-federation. This was all Ngunnawal land, and many traditional owners and their elders (past and present) live in the region and have enduring links to this land today.

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Latest 15 DAs for North Canberra Area

planningAlertsNorth Canberra Community Council use Planning Alerts to provide details of development applications that are notified publicly by the Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD). You can have Planning Alerts send you an email on development applications in your area as they are notified.
The latest public Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate notifications can also be accessed from their site. The following is an extract of the public applications selected by NCCC that principally relate to the North Canberra area based on a broad search (it may contain some overlapping streets from adjacent suburbs) Note: This list may not be completely representative of all local DAs – please refer to the EPSDD site for complete data. If you think an application may affect you in any way you may submit written comments (representations) to the Applications Secretariat by email, mail or delivery to EPSDD customer service centre at 16 Challis St Dickson Your comments must be received by EPSDD during the specified public notification period. Comments received outside that period will not be considered.

Address: Corner Of Northbourne Avenue, De Burgh Street & Owen Crescent, Lyneham, ACT

Development Application: 202037894

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR TWO, NINE STOREY MULTI-UNIT RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT – Construction of 415, one, two and three bedroom residential apartments, including, three levels of basement car parking comprising 582 car parking spaces, 20 motorcycle spaces, storage enclosures and building services areas. Signage, landscaping – including tree removal and tree management, site services, waste enclosures, driveways, off-site and associated works.Comment closure date: 2020-12-18

Address: 84 Grayson Street, Hackett, ACT

Development Application: 202037836

Desecription: NOTIFICATION DATES EXTENDED – PROPOSAL FOR MULTI-UNIT DEVELOPMENT – Demolition and reconstruction of 5 loose-fill asbestos affected/impacted units. The proposed 5 units will have a double garage, 1 accessible visitors parking space in the centre of the existing common property/driveway and 2 visitor spaces at the front of the site and associated workComment closure date: 2020-12-16

Address: 29 Edkins Street, Downer, ACT

Development Application: 202037880

Desecription: LEASE VARIATION – Subdivision of the block into two blocks.Comment closure date: 2020-12-16

Address: 11 Randell Street, Dickson, ACT

Development Application: 202037897

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT & LEASE VARIATION – consolidation of Blocks 6 and 7; and lease variation to permit a maximum of 9 dwellings. Demolition of two existing dwellings and construction of 9 new two and three bedroom townhouses, basement car parking, landscaping, verge crossing and associated works.Comment closure date: 2020-12-16

Address: Burton Street, Watson, ACT

Development Application: 202037556

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR DEMOLITION – demolition of the existing car park, stormwater services, and associated worksComment closure date: 2020-12-14

Address: 32 Wakefield Avenue, Braddon, ACT

Development Application: 202037845

Desecription: PROPOSAL DEMOLITION AND LEASE VARIATION – Proposed demolition of existing structures, tree removal and associated works. Lease variation to consolidate blocks 1 and 14 and to allow the land to be used as a boarding house.Comment closure date: 2020-12-14

Address: 41 Lowrie Street, Dickson, ACT

Development Application: 201834168

Desecription: AMENDMENT TO APPROVED DA201834168. Amendment to the development application for proposal for multi unit development comprising of 20 units and lease variation to consolidate blocks 11, 12, 13 and 14 – the amendment is to remove verge tree for Icon water tie connection.Comment closure date: 2020-12-11

Address: 11 Rutherford Crescent, Ainslie, ACT

Development Application: 202037848

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR SUPPORTIVE HOUSING AND LEASE VARIATION – The construction of two new single storey buildings to provide eight studios and 2 two-bedroom dwellings, landscaping, new driveway from Rutherford Crescent, parking and associated works. Variation to the Crown lease to amend the purpose clause to add supportive housing limited to a maximum of 10 dwellings.Comment closure date: 2020-12-09

Address: Badham Street, Dickson, ACT

Development Application: 202037736

Desecription: LEASE VARIATION – To vary the Crown lease by increasing the maximum gross floor area permitted to 509 square metres.Comment closure date: 2020-11-11

Address: 59 Wakool Circuit, Kaleen, ACT

Development Application: 202037710

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR A SECONDARY RESIDENCE – Construction of new dwelling in addition to the existing dwelling and associated works.Comment closure date: 2020-12-02

Address: 46 Aspinall Street, Watson, ACT

Development Application: 201630707

Desecription: AMENDMENT TO APPROVED DA201630707. Amendment to the development application for proposal for mixed use commercial and residential development – lease variation – the amendment is dwelling yield and typology, building programming, servicing and access arrangements, landscaping and development staging amended.Comment closure date: 2020-11-30

Address: 15 Moore Street, City, ACT

Development Application: 201835078

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS TO EXISTING COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT – internal and external alterations to existing commercial building and additions including new window openings, entry door, demountable screens, landscaping and associated works.Comment closure date: 2020-11-18

Address: 220 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon, ACT

Development Application: 202037695

Desecription: LEASE VARIATION – Variation of the Crown lease to remove the commercial uses and add supportive housingComment closure date: 2020-11-18

Address: 253 Antill Street, Watson, ACT

Development Application: 202037744

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR SECONDARY RESIDENCE – Construction of a secondary residence in addition to existing dwelling, carport and associated works.Comment closure date: 2020-11-16

Address: 13 Steele Street, Hackett, ACT

Development Application: 202037634

Desecription: PROPOSAL FOR A DUAL OCCUPANCY – Construction of 2 new two storey dwellings, attached garages, landscaping and associated works.Comment closure date: 2020-11-11
(Note: Earlier Development Applications can be seen by accessing the EPSDD website or by going to PlanningAlerts. Note EPSDD do remove access to the development application documentation some time after the DA closes, but PlanningAlerts do retain some basic historical information.)