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Russell Reservists

Campbell residents have formed the Russell Reservists, a small group to clean up the bush between Campbell and Duntroon.


russell_ReservisitsWe work in the area enclosed by Blamey Cres, Vasey Cres, Holmes Cres, Northcott Drive and Constitution Ave.

Our Facebook page has regular updates and photos of our activities.  See:

Meeting time and place

We generally have three-hour working parties on the third Sunday of every month, starting at either 8 am (summer) or 9 am (winter). All volunteers are welcome to join us!

Activities range from the strenuous to the more gentle:

  • ‘frilling’ Cootamundra wattles and larger woody weeds
  • Revegetation: planting new seedlings
  • Spreading mulch
  • cutting down woody weeds (like blackberry) and spraying the stem
  • spraying out large patches of vinca (periwinkle)

We have the necessary equipment for lopping, digging and spraying. Volunteers should wear long trousers, stout shoes and a hat, and bring sunscreen, water and gloves.

At about 11.30 we adjourn to a nearby café for coffee.

Please contact coordinator Toss Gascoigne at to get information about our working parties.

Our group activities are authorized by ACT Park Rangers.

Get more information and add your name to the mailing list by contacting:

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