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October 2022 Newsletter

In past couple of weeks, there has several stories that have highlighted the significant power that property developers have over people’s lives and the need for their practises to be properly regulated. One major example relates to the partial collapse of the excavation site at Art Group’s Calypso apartments on Northbourne Avenue, which also took down several backyards and power lines. It was a miracle that no residents or construction workers were hurt in the incident (or in the incident in Woden earlier this year). As Dickson residents gathered for a roadside meeting to seek answers, the licensed builder fronted

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September 22 Newsletter

At last week’s NCCC General Meeting, the issue of integrated planning came to the fore during the Suburban Land Agency’s (SLA) presentation on the indicative land release program in North Canberra over the coming years. One of the areas of focus was Watson Section 76 (a greenfield site between Aspinall Street and the Federal Highway). The SLA noted the Place Plan for the area identified key themes for the future planning of Watson, such as ‘active people’ and ‘sustainable living’. North Watson residents would, however, be keenly aware that the current design of the suburb (as distinct from ‘old’ Watson)

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July 2022 Newsletter

The ACT Government has released for consultation the draft Active Travel Plan which outlines a strategy to enable more people to take up public transport or cycling as modes of transport across Canberra. Many North Canberra residents who commute to work via public transport or bike would be conscious of the major challenges with our networks. For those who do not live on the light rail line (or do not have their workplace near a light rail stop), public transport times can be prohibitively long due to the additional connecting buses. For those who cycle, the roads in some suburbs

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June 2022 Newsletter

The ACT Government recently released a guide for how to integrate climate-wise landscape design principles in new developments. It is intended to assist in the planning and design of climate resilient landscapes, including merging green landscapes with urban structures where possible and maximising trees and plants on the block. The guide is worth reading for anyone interested in the principles of climate resilient planning, but it’s another question entirely as to whether these principles can be integrated into new developments. A recent article by The RiotACT’s Ian Bushnell on a new dual occupancy development in Torrens highlights this tension, describing a

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ACT Housing Evictions

Public housing tenant relocations: response from Yvette Berry MLA, Minister for Housing and Suburban Development, and Rebecca Vassarotti MLA, Minister for Homelessness and Housing.

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May 2022 Newsletter

One of the novel aspects of debates about local planning laws and regulations is how technical and complex the rules are, requiring one to have an incredibly strong grasp of the Territory Plan, of ‘development codes’, ‘zone objectives,’ what is or is not permitted in particular zones, and the roles of different government agencies. Yet despite their opacity, these rules have fundamental implications for our streets and suburbs. They shape where we live and how we navigate our city, and yet it often feels like one must need tertiary qualifications in planning to understand them. In the past month, this

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Latest DAs

2 Piddington Street, Watson, ACT - DA: 202241065 Closes: 2022-12-07;

PROPOSAL FOR DWELLING ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS - partial demolition of the existing garage and carport, alterations and additions including detached extension to existing dwelling, deck, stairs, landscaping and associated works.

455 Northbourne Avenue, Lyneham, ACT - DA: 202240879 Closes: 2022-12-14;

PROPOSAL FOR SIGNAGE AND LEASE VARIATION - Installation of a new flagpole sign, Lease Variation for the subdivision of the block and associated works.

23 Dumaresq Street, Dickson, ACT - DA: 202241046 Closes: 2022-12-16;

PROPOSAL FOR DUAL OCCUPANCY AND LEASE VARIATION - demolition of the existing dwelling, construction of 2 new single storey dwellings to form a dual occupancy with attached garage, carport, driveways, landscaping and associated works. Lease Variation to subdivide the block into two.

46 Aspinall Street, Watson, ACT - DA: 201630707 Closes: 2022-12-09;

AMENDMENT TO APPROVED DA201630707 (S197O). Amendment to the development application for demolition of existing building, construction of residential units, childcare centre, retail, community facilities, landscaping and associated works - the amendment includes change of unit layout in Block M and increase in the number of dwellings from 11 to 15 such that the new layout in Block M consists of 11 three storey terrace units and two storey townhouses, addition of opaque glass to windows, addition of 1.7m high screens above finished floor level and associated works.

38 Dorrit Black Crescent, Lyneham, ACT - DA: 202240887 Closes: 2022-12-09;

PROPOSAL FOR MULTI UNIT DEVELOPMENT - Demolition of the existing dwelling and associated structures, construction of 3 new 2 storey dwellings with attached garages, new driveway and verge crossing, landscaping and associated works.

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