North Canberra Community Council

Rules for conduct of North Canberra Community Council meetings


  • Turn your mobile phone off or to silent. If you must take an urgent call, take your conversation outside.
  • Treat others with respect, even if you disagree with them. Don’t make rude comments.
  • Limit side conversations.
  • Do not interrupt speakers. Wait until they have finished.
  • If you want to speak, raise your hand and wait to be recognised by the Chairperson.
  • Stay on the topic.
  • Don’t discuss personal issues during the meeting, except when it is about the subject being discussed by the Committee or in the “Members’ Session”.
  • Address any concerns about the discussion or the meeting with the Chairperson. It is the Chairperson’s job to bring the meeting to order.


  • The quorum for General meeting is ten members. The quorum for a Committee meeting is 4 committee members.


  • Open the meeting.
  • If appropriate explain what the Community Council is about – aims, membership etc.
  • Introduce key people – office bearers and guest speakers.
  • Confirm agreement to follow the agenda, or otherwise to change the order of the agenda items.
  • Manage the meeting.
  • Thank those who have contributed to the meeting.
  • Close the meeting.


  1. Make a motion : “I MOVE”
  2. State the motion
  3. Discussion: “I SECOND” DISCUSSION
  4. All in favour: “YES”
  5. All opposed : “NO”
  6. Abstain : “ABSTAIN”
  7. Announce results

Note: These rules are based on the meeting rules developed in 1915 by General Robert’s

One comment

  1. Good afternoon NCCC, we are seeking for FY22/23 Unimproved Land Valuations (UV) to be an agenda item for discussion at the September general meeting. A 40%+ increase to FY21/22 UV appears an unreasonable hike for rate payers. Is there an opportunity for the NCCC to gain an understanding as to how the sizeable increase was determined by the ACT revenue office and or seek representation from the revenue office at the next general meeting to explain the hike? With thanks and regards, Daniel & Christine.

    Daniel & Christine Fay

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