Section 72 Dickson – NCCC Advocates for Community/Cultural Use

Section 72 Dickson -  NCCC Advocates for Community/Cultural Use

That the meeting (21 Nov 18) requests the NCCC to advocate to retain Section 72 for community and cultural purposes, including, but not limited to, action on the six recommendations in the Working Group’s position paper and in light of the issues and opportunities outlined in the paper.

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Improving the ACT Building Regulatory System

This review of the building regulatory system is part of ongoing ACT Government reforms to ensure buildings meet contemporary standards – and the expectations of the community, industry practitioners and businesses and government alike. The Government is proposing reforms to the regulatory system, with the primary focus on residential buildings—single dwellings, townhouses and apartment buildings—and management of retention and project payments. Some of the proposals also apply to non-residential buildings. Anyone with an interest in building and construction is invited to have their say on the proposals outlined in the paper For more information, go to

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