COTA: Invitation to organise events for Seniors Week (21-28 March 2010)

COTA: Invitation to organise events for Seniors Week (21-28 March 2010)

Have you organised an activity for Seniors Week 2010: March 21 – March 28?

Seniors Week will offer literally hundreds of events for the participation of older Canberrans. Many centre on health and wellbeing, others on services to assist people with real-life issues, such as exploring accommodation options in retirement or understanding ones pension.

Why not book one of COTA’s free information sessions for your club or social group as your activity?

Registration will:

  • Ensure your activity will go into the Seniors Week Program, which will be delivered to every household in Canberra
  • Gain publicity for your group
  • Do your bit to help support Canberra’s Seniors Week 2010

Fully trained volunteers will come to your venue, free of charge to run an information session on one of the following topics:

  • Quality Use of Medicines: Get the most out of your medicines, avoid medicine mix-ups and save money when buying medication.
  • More than Medicines – Living well: Get the most out of your medicines with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Beyond maturityblues: Learn what depression is, its symptoms and treatments and help raise awareness and promote understanding of depression.

Each participant will receive quality take home material.

Testimonial from participant:
‘I thought this session was just going to be one of the same, but it was really interesting and I loved the interactive bits – well done’.

Testimonial from group organiser:
‘I had reservations about booking this session [beyond maturityblues] for my group as I didn’t want us all to go away feeling depressed.  We were all pleasantly surprised at how well the information was presented and I would urge all group organisers to not feel hesitant (like I had been!) and book a session’

COTA information sessions are available all year round.

Please contact Christine Spicer for more information.

Christine Spicer
Peer Education Manager
Council on the Ageing
02 6282 3777 – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

COTA Website:


  1. Interested in having Heart Support Australia ACT Branch represented during Seniors week. We are a peer based volunteer group who provide support, information and encouragement to those people who have suffered a heart event. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, we would fit happily with carer and other community based support networks.

    Thank you

    Martine Heales

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