ACT Policing: Drivers urged to slow down as school resumes

ACT Policing: Drivers urged to slow down as school resumes

ACT Policing is reminding motorists to observe the posted speed restrictions around Canberra’s schools as children return to school this week.

ACT Policing Traffic Superintendent Mark Colbran says the 40km/h school zones are designed to ensure that motorists are travelling at a speed which allows them to stay observant and stop safely when required, such as at school crossings and bus zones.

“Drivers need to slow down, take care and remain vigilant around school zones to ensure the safety of our children.  Unfortunately some children are not aware of the road rules and the dangers associated with traffic, and every driver needs to drive through school zones with this in mind,” Supt Colbran said.

Supt Colbran also says that parents have a pivotal role to play in keeping our children safe around schools.

“Parents or family members taking kids to and from school need to use designated pick up and drop off areas only and should be mindful not to obstruct buses or other traffic.  Bus stops are for buses only for a reason and double parking, even if only for a few seconds, can create dangerous obstructions for both vehicles and pedestrians,” Supt Colbran said.

“I would also urge parents to spend some time teaching their kids about road rules, stranger danger and the importance of a bicycle helmet.  We passed 100 fatality-free days in the ACT last week and it would be an absolute tragedy if our first fatality for 2010 involved a young child,” he said.

“ACT Policing will be patrolling the 40km/h school zones to ensure the new school year is not marred by injury or tragedy, and there is absolutely no excuse for speeding in these designated zones.”

All school zones are reduced to 40km/h from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm, during school weeks.

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