Community Consultation Session: Review of Special Education Services in ACT Public Schools (6 June 2009 – Turner School)

ACT Education logoAs part of the Government’s commitment to addressing the needs of students with a disability in the ACT, a Review of Special Education Services in ACT Public Schools is currently being undertaken.

The Review will look at research into leading national and international practice in curriculum and pedagogy for students with disabilities. The Review will result in a report outlining options for the future of special education in ACT public schools.

One component of the review will be the analysis of current program provision. This will involve the development and distribution of a discussion paper to gather views from relevant stakeholders.

Community forums

Members of the community are invited to find out more and to comment on the Discussion paper at the following community forum / consultation session in the North Canberra District:

  • Saturday 6 June, 2:00pm-4:00pm, Turner School, Condamine Street, Turner

Community Consultation & Submissions

As part of the review the consultants undertook broad community consultation (see Schedule of consultations). Community members are also invited to submit written comments and feedback regarding Special Education Services in ACT public schools via this website, or by email to or to Dr Tony Shaddock, ‘Special Education Review’, 13 Chiswick St., Chiswick. NSW 2046.

Further information can also be obtain via the Review of special education services in ACT Public Schools website.

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