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Chief Minister’s Q&A by NCCC

The Chief Minister responded on 24 November to the following questions that the North Canberra Community Council put to him in October 2015

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Tribute to Lyneham’s Elderly Residents

I would like to see some attention paid to the large number of Lyneham residents over the age of 65.  There are more of them than there are children, but we hear little about their needs. A lot is said about children and families. Are old people

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Something to say – Some Suggested Changes

Thank you for the NCCC’s new “Your Say” ‘feature’. To judge by the dearth of substantive Comments made related to actual DAs, I won’t expect too much! Also, I suggest that what is immediately needed is a link to the NCCC’s mediation/editorial Policy regarding such matters as

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Something to say

Have something to say, then go to the menu item Your Say and let us and the community know. Do it now

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