Canberra Times: Stanhope says fatality highlights road need

Canberra Times: Stanhope says fatality highlights road need

On 21 September 2009, Canberra Times journalist David Stockman, the Canberra Times police reporter, wrote a story with comments from the ACT Chief Minister insisting that the recent fatality was further justification of the need to expedite the building of the Majura Parkway.

The North Canberra Community Council accepts that there is a need for the upgrade of the Road to Dual Carriageway for both safety and traffic capacity issues. However the council has rejected outright the need for the realignment of the road due to the severe environmental impacts this will have. The full submission made by the Council to the EIS process can be read here:

The online version of the Canberra Times covering the accident and statements by the Chief Minister article is reproduced below:

Stanhope says fatality highlights road need

Transport Minister Jon Stanhope said the latest fatality on Canberra’s roads was a reminder of the need to progress with the proposed Majura Parkway development.

On Saturday, a 50-year-old Queanbeyan man died after his four-wheel drive and a truck collided.

Mr Stanhope said the $250million project was a priority for the ACT Government.

The ACT Government and the business sector had lobbied the Federal Government to pay for the project, but received just $30million for its first stage.

The full article was available in the print edition of the The Canberra Times

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