Traffic Lights in Watson

Traffic Lights in Watson

Recently a resident contacted the NCCC querying the placement of pedestrian lights near the intersection of Antill and Knox Streets which he considered were in the wrong spot by some 20 meters. The observation was that few pedestrians will use the lights, the lights will not reduce traffic speeds on Antill St and hence the lights were poorly planned and a waste of money.

It was suggested that a better option would have been a full set of lights at the intersection to allow Knox St cars an opportunity to get onto Antill St during rush hour.

ACT Roads has responded to the representation made by NCCC as follows:

The installation of pedestrian traffic signals at this location was primarily driven to provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians including school children particularly during the morning peak hour.
The second driver behind the installation of the signals at this location was to introduce friction along a certain part of the road network which is currently being utilised by traffic generated from the north (Gungahlin) as a rat run during the peak periods.
The location of these signals, and the use by pedestrians during the peak periods will provide an increased number of gaps to allow traffic to exit Knox Street in a safer and more regular pattern than they do now. Combined with the installation of the second set of pedestrian signals on Antill Street, Roads ACT will have an increased ability to influence traffic movements along this route.
Outside of peak periods, and when the pedestrian flows across Antill Street are low (evenings/weekends) these signals will not delay the traffic movements into and out of Knox Street, which would have occurred if the intersection of Antill St and Knox St was signalised.
I hope this helps to explain the choice of location.

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