Reminder – Public Forum: National Capital Authority (26 November 2009)

Reminder – Public Forum: National Capital Authority (26 November 2009)

Map of the Central National Area
Map of the Central National Area (click for larger image)

Australian GovernmentOn 26 November 2009 the NCA will hold a public forum to provide opportunity to begin a continuing dialogue about planning in Canberra, and ensuring Canberra’s ‘place’ as the national capital. The event will take place at Parliament House commencing at 6pm.

The length of the forum will vary according to the level of interest, but it is expected to finish between 9pm and 10pm. Tea and coffee will be available.

The purpose of the forum is to provide a framework for discussion between the NCA and the community and stakeholders on:

  • An introduction to the NCA and its role;
  • the recent projects and work of the NCA; and
  • the goals and plans for Canberra’s future direction as the National Capital.

There is a form on the NCA website to register your interest in either attending the public forum or putting forward a question you would like the NCA to respond to – Registration Form

One of the issues that is likely to be covered during the event is the recent planning decisions behind the new ASIO building. On 15 August 2009, John Thisleton of the Canberra Times interviewed the architect of the Parliament House, Dr. Romaldo Giurgola.  Dr Giurgola was quite critical of the project and architecture.

The online version of the Canberra Times article has been reproduced below:

Parliament’s architect attacks ASIO building ‘monster’

The architect of Parliament House, Romaldo Giurgola, says ASIO’s new glass facade headquarters being built at Constitution Avenue is a monster.
The eminent 89-year-old Italian-American, who became an Australian citizen and settled in Canberra after Parliament House was completed, said the new headquarters’ linear design was a mistake which massacred the National Capital Plan, the strategic plan for Canberra and the territory.

Dr Giurgola is torn over criticising the headquarters because an off-shoot of his practice, Francis-James Morehen Thorp, is the architect of the contentious new $600 million project.

He said buildings in keeping with Canberra’s first architect Walter Burley Griffin were of discrete volume, allowing people to see past them to Parliament House and Lake Burley Griffin.

Constitution Avenue had modest-sized school, church and office buildings, whereas ASIO’s big facade was the wrong shape in the wrong place, in contrast to Parliament House which was open to the public.

”Anybody can go inside and it is very healthy in terms of an office building.

”That is the kind of architecture that should be here you know not this monster.

For the full article please refer to the printed edition of the Canberra Times.

The Consolidated National Capital Plan (September 2009) has been reproduced below:

[scribd id=22510943 key=key-ay1hccbha21h75soid1]

Note: copyright of the material in this clipping resides with Fairfax Media. Usage permitted in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act 1968, Section 42: Fair dealing for purpose of reporting news. Source: The Canberra Times – 15 August 2009.

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