Public Forum: National Capital Authority (26 November 2009)

Public Forum: National Capital Authority (26 November 2009)

Australian GovernmentOn 26 November 2009 the NCA will hold a public forum to provide opportunity to begin a continuing dialogue about planning in Canberra, and ensuring Canberra’s ‘place’ as the national capital. The event will take place at Parliament House commencing at 6pm. An agenda will be issued closer to the date.

The length of the forum will vary according to the level of interest, but it is expected to finish between 9pm and 10pm. Tea and coffee will be available.

The purpose of the forum is to provide a framework for discussion between the NCA and the community and stakeholders on:

  • An introduction to the NCA and its role;
  • the recent projects and work of the NCA; and
  • the goals and plans for Canberra’s future direction as the National Capital.

There is a form on the NCA website to register your interest in either attending the public forum or putting forward a question you would like the NCA to respond to – Registration Form

The on 16 October 2009 the Canberra Times also published the following article reporting on the announcement of the forum:

ASIO ‘monster’ to rear its head at public forum

The National Capital Authority expects ASIO’s controversial new headquarters to be a hot topic at its first public forum next month.

Labelled a ”monster” by its critics, the $600million building under construction in Constitution Avenue has angered Campbell residents and raised concerns about being oversized and impeding heritage views of the parliamentary triangle.

Authority chief executive Gary Rake said the NCA had never provided an open forum of this kind before and would be prepared to talk at length about the project.

Australian Institute of Architects ACT president David Flannery said, although surprised that the forum was being held, his members were keen to engage with the authority about Canberra’s strategic planning future and the recommendations of last year’s inquiry into the agency’s role.

The Walter Burley Griffin Society, a harsh critic of a lack of consultation on significant developments, said the forum was a good move.

Spokesman Brett Odgers said Mr Rake was more open to the public than previous authority managers and Canberrans expected regular consultation.

Mr Rake said the forum to be held at Parliament House on November 26 at 6pm was aimed at open interaction on issues of local and national concern for the authority.

”I would expect one of the hottest topics and one that I am more than happy to embrace and talk about as much as I can is the new ASIO building,” he said.

”It’s the perfect example of a site on national land, which when we consider the national interest, national land in the parliamentary triangle is the appropriate place for buildings to house the functions of government.”

He said he suspected many Canberrans saw the agency from a local planning perspective.

”However, our major function is more symbolic and it’s about ensuring the uniqueness of Australia is reflected in its national capital, our national capital.”

Note: copyright of the material in this clipping resides with Fairfax Media. Usage permitted in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act 1968, Section 42: Fair dealing for purpose of reporting news. Source: The Canberra Times Website – 16 October 2009.

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