Prime News: Frightening Xmas present for suburban home owner (Watson)

Downed tree on Cullen Street (source: iPrime)

Prime News published the following article about a native tree that has come down in Watson. The local resident had been warning the ACT Government that the tree was potentially dangerous for several years, yet there had been continued inaction.

The story is reproduced below:

Frightening Xmas present for suburban home owner

Harvey Conroy is not a man to panic.

But today a huge branch from his nature strip gum tree fell across the front yard, stretching across the width of Cullen St, Watson.

Minutes earlier, Harvey had been inspecting a watering system under the tree.

The former ABC employee told iPRIME News he had been warning the ACT Government about the tree for years.

“They told me the tree was healthy and there was nothing they could do about it,’ he said, a little shaken from the crack he had heard as the branch crashed down.

The same tree in 2006 had lost another massive branch which had destroyed his son’s car.

In a letter to the powers-that-be, he claimed damages, saying that the tree was obviously dangerous. Much later, officials told him the tree was healthy and they could not cut it.

Harvey said today’s fall could have killed either a motorist passing by or himself.

Thirty minutes later when iPRIME News was on the site, the tree was still across the road, blocking traffic.

Note: copyright of the material in the clipping resides with the Prime Television. Usage permitted in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act 1968, Section 42: Fair dealing for purpose of reporting news. Source: iPrime – 17 December  2009

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