ABC News: SMS bushfire warnings to be trialed (17 December 2009)

The following article has been reproduced from ABC Online:

SMS Bushfire Warning
SMS Bushfire Warning - The trial will be similar to others used around the country such as this one in South Australia. (Source:ABC)

SMS bushfire warnings to be trialed

The ACT Government will trial the new national telephone bushfire warning system on Thursday.

Phone and text messages will be sent to people who live in Turner, O’Connor, Lyneham, Hall and Hume.

Emergency Services Minister Simon Corbell says if the test goes well the system will be activated soon after.

“This is an important capability for our emergency services,” he said.

“It’s not a silver bullet, it’s not the only way emergency warnings will be sent to people in the event of an emergency but it’s a valuable tool and that’s why the ACT has signed up to the national system.”

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