Crimestoppers: Police seek second car from street racing incident – Civic/Acton (11 October 2009)

Crimestoppers logoACT Policing is seeking to identify the driver of a red Mitsubishi Lancer involved in a dangerous street racing incident on Parkes Way, in Acton, yesterday afternoon (October 11).

Police were patrolling in an unmarked vehicle westbound on Parkes Way around 4.50pm yesterday when they were overtaken by two Lancers, one red and the other yellow.

Police activated their warning devices to signal the vehicles to stop but both cars accelerated away, weaving between other traffic at speeds estimated around 140km/h and continuing onto William Hovell Drive, where the red Lancer has veered off and lost control on the entry to the sliproad for the Gungahlin Drive extension (GDE).

The yellow Lancer was later located and stopped by police on Coulter Drive, Belconnen. The vehicle was seized under the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999, while the 28-year-old driver is to be summonsed for several serious traffic offences, including fail to stop and driving in a manner dangerous.

Police are seeking witnesses who may have seen a red Lancer driving erratically in the Civic/Acton areas around the time of the offence and can help identify the vehicle or the driver.

Anybody with any information about this crime or any other crime is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Report Crime Online.

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