Mount Majura Rabbit Control Program

Mount Majura Rabbit Control Program

No Rabbits!

The rabbit control project that began in autumn in the Mount Majura Nature Park has had considerable success, reducing rabbit numbers by about 85% as recorded by spotlight counts.

Volunteers mapped rabbit burrows and Parks, Conservation and Land (PCL) staff hired contractors who used the data to locate, fumigate and destroy rabbit warrens. If you walk regularly on Mt Majura, you may have noticed an improvement in the grass cover due to both fewer rabbits and recent rain. However, the remaining rabbits are breeding…

Representatives from the Mt Ainslie Weeders, the Friends of Mt Majura and the Watson Woodland Working Group met with PCL staff in October to plan how to follow up on the project. It was decided to improve the maps, provide GPS training to volunteers and to start the mapping of warrens and the control program earlier to avoid the worst heat of summer, the peak of the fire season and to give the rabbits less time to recover their numbers.

The plan is to start mapping mid November and complete it by mid December, enabling the contractors to begin control work in early January.

The Friends of Mount Majura will be be seeking community assistance in mapping the rabbit warrens in the Mt Majura Reserve. They will be organizing a community event mid November where individuals can attend and learn to identify and map rabbit warrens. For more information visit

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