Lake Burley Griffin heads National Trust list of the top Australian heritage places at risk

Lake Burley Griffin heads National Trust list of the top Australian heritage places at risk

Lake burley Griffin
Lake Burley Griffin (Source: Our Heritage at Risk)

National Trust of Australia logoABC Television news ran the following story on 24 October 2009 about Lake Burley Griffin heading the list of the top Australian heritage places at risk. The problem for the lake stems from potential inappropriate development along the foreshores.


Each year the National Trust of Australia publishes the “National Heritage at Risk” list. The list for 2009 has the entry for Lake Burley Griffin and Foreshores is as follows:

High risk of destruction and devaluation of heritage values

  • Integral part of design of Canberra
  • High aesthetic, social, scientific and historic heritage values
  • Important recreation and social site
  • Significant urban landscape

Lake Burley Griffin is as an essential landscape element of the early design of Canberra, the centre-piece for the National Capital and forms the immediate background of the national and parliamentary areas. It is a historically popular site for picnics, recreation and as a water-sport venue.


Inappropriate use and development, including strong pressure to allow a pedestrian/cycle bridge over West Basin which could be a precedent for further encroachment, and subsequent loss of heritage values.


No development that impacts on heritage and visual significance of the Lake and shoreline until a comprehensive management plan covering entire foreshores and which considers assessed heritage values is fully developed.



Note: copyright of the material in the video clips resides with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Usage permitted in accordance with the Australian Copyright Act 1968, Section 42: Fair dealing for purpose of reporting news. Source: ABC News Online – 24 October 2009

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