Kangaroo Management at the Majura Training Area

Kangaroo Management at the Majura Training Area

Eastern grey kangaroos (Source: TAMS)The Department of Defence has issued a media release stating: Defence has commenced culling the over-abundant population of kangaroos to bring that population to a sustainable level. Culling is being managed humanely in accordance with legislative and codes of practice requirements.

The cull is expected to occur intermittently until the end of the 2009 ACT culling period in July to reach a sustainable kangaroo population. This is based on strong scientific evidence outlined in the ACT Lowland Native Grasslands report released in March by the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment. Defence monitoring also indicates that kangaroo numbers are currently three times the carrying capacity of the Majura site and must be reduced.

The Defence cull is being coordinated with a number of landowners who are carrying out culling activities on neighbouring properties.

  • The ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services offers A Pictorial Guide to the Kangaroo Culling Issue which discusses why reducing eastern grey kangaroo populations needs to be considered in some areas of the ACT.
  • Further information on Kangaroos in the ACT is also available on the Territory and Municipal Services website.

[update: 14 May 2009]
The ACT Administrative Appeals Tribunal has ordered a stay to the cull of kangaroos at the Majura site until the issue can be considered by the tribunal’s full panel in June.

[update: 05 June 2009]
The ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal has finished hearing an appeal by Animal Liberation against the culling of kangaroos on Defence Department land at Majura. However at this time the Tribunal has reserved its decision.

[update: 22 June 2009]
Via ABC News: An ACT tribunal has ruled the culling of kangaroos on Defence Department land in Canberra can resume. Today the tribunal ruled that the Government’s original decision should be confirmed because there is compelling evidence that the kangaroos have caused substantial damage to declared ecological communities and threatened species. The cull licence expires at the end of July.

[update: 24 June 2009]
Via ABC News: The Defence Department has confirmed the cull recommenced on Monday night

[update: 07 July 2009]
Via ABC News: Defence roo cull complete


  1. Great news about the ACT Administrative Appeals Tribunal decision!!
    Perhaps Canberrans might now just really begin to learn the actual truth about the whole debacle of culling kangaroos in the ACT, not just rely on Maxine Cooper’s opinions (the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment). The endangered species which were the reason given for the kangaroos that were killed at BNTS in May 2008, suddenly appears to have evaporated now that the area is to be released for housing, and they are now “no longer a conservation priority”. Surprise, surprise – how naive can Canberrans be!

    Marian Young

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