Invitation to comment: Sustainable future workshop findings report (closing 28 February 2010)

Invitation to comment: Sustainable future workshop findings report (closing 28 February 2010)

ACTPLA has released the Sustainable future workshop findings report for public comment.

The report contains key outcomes from a series of workshops held under the Sustainable future program. These workshops gathered together some of Australia’s leading thinkers, community members and government and industry representatives to draw out ideas on how to make our city and the ACT more sustainable, particularly in regard to future planning.

Those ideas are synthesised in the report, which has been released so people in the community can provide ACTPLA with their feedback.

You can submit your comments up until the closing date of 28 February 2010 by:

Your feedback is important as it will help the ACT Government formulate over the course of next year, planning policies that will help achieve the government’s sustainability goals.


Sustainable future — is part of an ACT Government commitment to building resilience to climate change through both mitigation and adaptation measures.

This program will focus on reviewing planning policy and identifying strategies and measures that complement the ACT Government’s sustainability policy, People, Places and Prosperity and will assist in achieving targets set out in the action plan Weathering the Change.

The program recognises that the built environment, which includes transport, contributes more than 60 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in the ACT.

A fact sheet (PDF 51kb) is available for more information.

Sustainability issues in Canberra – background

Sustainable future statistics


  • Workshop One: Transport and Communication – Towards an accessible Canberra
  • Workshop Two: Culture and Knowledge  Canberra’s community living sustainably
  • Workshop Three: Energy – Towards a carbon neutral Canberra
  • Workshop Four: Water and Infrastructure – Securing the city
  • Workshop Five: Bush Capital – Our city in the landscape
  • Workshop Six: Economics and Administration for Sustainability – Valuing and administering

The Sustainable future workshop findings report (PDF 4.2Mb) is available for download and has been reproduced below:

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