Invitation to comment: ACT Young People’s Plan 2009-14 (Closing 8 October 2009)

Youth Interact logoThe ACT Government has developed a draft Plan for young people that will guide policies and programs through until 2014.

The Plan also includes an action plan and timeline that will help to make the ACT Young People’s Plan happen.

Five key themes that have been identified as important to young people through consultation are:

    1. health, wellbeing and support;
    2. families and communities;
    3. participation and access;
    4. transitions and pathways; and
    5. environment and sustainability.

Do you agree with these themes? Do you have more to add to the Plan?

Get your copy of the Young People’s Plan at

What can you do to make sure your views as a young person are heard?

  • STEP 1: READ the plan on your own, with classmates, colleagues or friends
  • STEP 2: WRITE down everyone’s comments, ideas — negatives and positives
  • STEP 3: EMAIL to or

Closing date for comments is 5.00pm Thursday 8 October 2009.

PS If you don’t want your comments to be viewed publicly, please make sure they are marked ‘confidential’.

This is YOUR opportunity to have YOUR say in YOUR future.

A single voice may be small, but collectively we are making a difference.

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