Crimestoppers: Operation School Safe seeks community vigilance

Crimestoppers: Operation School Safe seeks community vigilance

Crimestoppers logoACT Policing is asking for the Canberra community to remain vigilant around schools and colleges in the weeks ahead as staff and students take their regular term break.

Historically, school properties become more vulnerable targets for offences such as burglary and graffiti during the holiday period. Police believe that with the vigilance and assistance of the community, particularly by those residents who live close to a school and perhaps take regular walks around their local area, this type of crime can be greatly reduced.

Superintendent Kate Buggy, the head of ACT Policing’s Crime Prevention team, said that while police are scheduling extra patrols around Canberra’s schools over the next fortnight, local residents are ideally placed to provide those valuable and additional “eyes and ears” for suspicious or criminal behaviour.

“Schools are a community resource which need additional safeguarding during the holiday period. Security officers and police will be doing as much as they can but our efforts will always be enhanced by having the community play its important part, too,” Supt Buggy said.

“There are several ways in which members of the public can help protect their local school or college. If they see anyone acting suspiciously or committing an offence around the school, then they should provide as much information as possible about that incident to police either by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or by going on-line and logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at This information may be provided anonymously.

“Alternatively, if police assistance is required, then the public should call Police Operations on 131-444,” Supt Buggy added.

Anybody with any information about this crime or any other crime is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Report Crime Online.

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