Invitation for Submissions: Inquiry into ACT Government Procurement

Invitation for Submissions: Inquiry into ACT Government Procurement

Legislative Assembly LogoThe ACT Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Public Accounts is seeking public submissions for their Inquiry into ACT Government Procurement.

The Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee has resolved, on its own
motion, to conduct an inquiry into ACT Government procurement.

Government procurement comprises a significant part of the economy and in the
case of the Australian Capital Territory, constitutes a significant part of the ACT
Government’s expenditure.

The Committee’s inquiry, amongst other things, will examine: the pursuit by ACT Government agencies of the procurement principle—value for money; the integration of sustainability considerations that encompass environmental, economic and social aspects throughout procurement processes; and the effectiveness of recent reforms, including amendments to the Government Procurement Act 2001 in 2007.

The Committee will inquire into, and report on the following matters:

  1. the pursuit by ACT Government agencies of the ‘Procurement principle—value for money’, having regard to:
    1. probity and ethical behaviour
    2. management of risk
    3. open and effective competition
    4. optimising whole?of?life costs
  2. the integration of sustainability considerations that encompass environmental, economic and social aspects throughout procurement processes
  3. agency approaches to procurement training and development activities
  4. the ability of local suppliers to compete for ACT Government procurement opportunities
  5. the effectiveness of recent reforms
  6. impact on tendering organisations, in particular, speed, feedback and finalisation, of government discontinuing the tender process, and
  7. any other relevant matter.

The Committee is inviting written submissions and would like to hear from anyone with an interest in this matter. Submissions are requested by 31 July 2009.

For further information contact:

  • Committee Chair, Ms Caroline Le Couteur MLA on (02) 620 53057
  • Committee Secretary, Ms Andrea Cullen on (02) 620 50142

Submissions should be forwarded for the following address:

The Secretary
Standing Committee on Public Accounts
Inquiry into ACT Government Procurement

GPO Box 1020

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