Draft Agenda: NCCC Public Meeting (17 February 2010)

Draft Agenda: NCCC Public Meeting (17 February 2010)

The following is the draft meeting Agenda of the Public Meeting of the North Canberra Community Council to be held on Wednesday 17 February 2010:


Wednesday, 17 February 2010, 7.30 – 9.30
ACT Sport House, 100 Maitland Street, Hackett

1. Apologies

2. Approval of minutes for October 21 committee meeting

3. Correspondence in

a. Report on Draft Sustainable Energy Policy 2010 – 2020

b. Sustainable future workshop findings report

4. Correspondence out

a. NCCC submission on EIS Sandford Street road extension

b. NCCC submission on Draft EIS Jerrabomberra Wetlands electrical infrastructure

5. Treasurers Report

6. Update on submissions completed

Draft EIS for Sandford Street, Mitchell to Antill Street, Watson road extension

7. Discussion on submissions to complete:

a. Investigation into Canberra Nature Park (February 26)

b. Inquiry into RZ3 and RZ4 Residential Development Policies – Inner North Canberra (February 26)

c. Sustainable future workshop findings report (February 26)

d. Airservices Australia Review of Canberra Noise Abatement Procedures (February 28)

e. Draft Sustainable Energy Policy (March – TBA)

8. Update on ACTPLA Notice of Decision

DA200915605 Heritage Village Watson (application to ACAT for review)

9. Issues for general discussion

a. Letter to ACT Chief Minister requesting another Cabinet meets Community forum

Issues to flag are increasing traffic, encroachments and management of Majura and Ainslie Nature Reserves, social support for community, planning

b. identify NCCC opportunities to support community projects in 2010, raise interest

10. Administration

a. Appoint position of deputy chair (to fill in for chair March, April)

b. Re-submit Annual Return for 2007-2008 (requires vote by current committee)

c. Web content management

d. Web email address list and contact list for Secretary

e. Application to become a member of the Environmental Defenders Office

f. Handover of cheque book and documents to Treasurer

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