Typeboard logoIn November 2008, the Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese rejected Canberra International Airport’s draft master plan on the grounds that it did not provide enough detail on the proposal to develop the airport into a freight hub and the airport’s community consultation had been insufficient. The Minister was quoted at the time as saying “The public have the right to know how this development could impact on their homes and the airport’s response to these concerns has been inadequate.” As a result of the rejection of the original master plan the Airport has had 180 days to resubmit their revised proposal.

The consultation process closed on 8 May 2009 and Canberra Airport have now published submissions where consent for publication has been granted (2009 Preliminary Draft Master Plan submissions) – submissions are listed below as they appeared on 04 June 2009:

ACT GreensDownload
ACT Light RailDownload
Antonvmikulic Environmental ArchitectDownload
Australian Post Tensioning SystemsDownload
AWT Consulting EngineersDownload
Axis PlumbingDownload
Backhouse, MDownload
Barzi, F and Kershaw, IDownload
Blanckensee, ADownload
Book, WDownload
Brown, CDownload
Brunskill, ADownload
Campbell, KDownload
Campbell, VDownload
Canberra Building ServicesDownload
Canberra Convention BureauDownload
Capital AeromotiveDownload
Cardno YoungDownload
Carey, DMDownload
CCS Mechanical InstallationsDownload
Cercol ConstructionDownload
Cercol Construction_2Download
Climate Action CanberraDownload
Construction ControlDownload
Control and Electric Pty LtdDownload
Cotter, M & ADownload
CPS ConcretorsDownload
Dabro, ADownload
Dakota Cafe and BarDownload
Dale, LDownload
Davidson, SDownload
Davis, B and CDownload
Davis, WDownload
Dean, DLDownload
Delta Building AutomationDownload
Demeyne AviationDownload
Derrick, JDownload
Deves, JDownload
Disbrey, LDownload
Disbrey, RDownload
Diverse Data CommunicationsDownload
Duncan, PDownload
Engineering Services CoordinationDownload
Erincole Building ServicesDownload
Fairview ArchitecturalDownload
Fardell, L and Clark, RDownload
Fielding, MDownload
Frost, MDownload
GMB ArchitectsDownload
Googong Residents GroupDownload
Gordon, C and RDownload
Gould, ADownload
Gowland, SDownload
Graham Ladd Pty LtdDownload
Groombridge, JDownload
Gungahlin Community CouncilDownload
Hall, BDownload
Hall, MDownload
Hammond, K and PDownload
Hawker RoofingDownload
Henderson, RDownload
Henshaw, BDownload
Huon Management ServicesDownload
Inskip, JDownload
Instyle Indoor Plant HireDownload
Jerrabomberra Residents AssociationDownload
John Hanna Fine Clothes for MenDownload
Johnson, B and EDownload
Jolly, PDownload
Kafer, DR and KODownload
Lagardere Services Asia PacificDownload
LANDdata SuveysDownload
Larson, RDownload
Lee, JDownload
Mak, DDownload
May, MDownload
McCallum, MDownload
McKay, D and RDownload
McKinlay, KDownload
Miles, REDownload
Moore, LDownload
Moore, TDownload
Mushalik, MDownload
National TrustDownload
Navara, D & LDownload
Neilson, R and RDownload
Neoplex Architectural SignageDownload
Norris Cleaning CompanyDownload
North Canberra Community CouncilDownload
ONeill and Brown PlumbingDownload
Orr, P & O’Sullivan, JDownload
PDA Marble and GraniteDownload
Price, CDownload
Pulsford, LDownload
Queanbeyan City CouncilDownload
Randle AirportsDownload
Rayner, PDownload
Renfree Hanrahan ArchitectsDownload
Resident, RoyallaDownload
Restrick, KDownload
Rumbles CranesDownload
Schroeder, HDownload
SNP SecurityDownload
Solve ProjectsDownload
Speier, SDownload
Steel, TDownload
Stone, BDownload
Sustainable FXDownload
Taylor, MDownload
TaylorSteele, SDownload
Teather, CDownload
Thaurer, GDownload
Thaurer, G_2Download
Tourism Industry CouncilDownload
Trinity LawDownload
TTF Australia LtdDownload
Tuggeranong Community CouncilDownload
Turbayne, DDownload
Urban Taskforce AustraliaDownload
Vega, O and SDownload
Village Building CompanyDownload
Waterland Pty LtdDownload
Whalan, PDownload
Whan MP, SDownload
Willans, GDownload
Wilson, DDownload
Wolfe, RDownload
Wythes, PJDownload

Looking through these submissions it appears clear that there are clear raft of objections to the 24/7 freight operations, in favour of an 11pm to 6am curfew of the basis of noise impact.

What is exceedingly surprising is the total lack of any significant contributions and support from freight forwarding companies and international airlines. Given the emphasis that the airport has put on 24/7 freight operations and Canberra Airport becoming a “second Sydney Airport” one wonders where the support really is for these proposals?

The only submission from a “heavyweight” industry player appears to be from Qantas, nothing from any other national or international freight forwarding or passenger airline companies. One would have thought that if these operations were so important and of relevance to the aeronautical and related industries, these players would have rallied to support the Canberra Airport proposal – instead there is barely a whimper with most of the “support” coming from small Canberra based businesses. If submissions by the major freight and aeronautical players have not been authorised for publication the question should be asked what do these organisations have to hide?

Similarly the question remains as to why there is no ACT Government submission (or if there was one, why the ACT Government has not authorised publication). Again should we be asking what the ACT Government has to hide, surely their submission would proudly reflect the needs, desires and requirements of the Territory and its constituents.


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