Ainslie Village "Our Stories" mural

Ainslie Village "Our Stories" mural

On 2 July 2009, the ACT Minister for Disability and Housing, Mr John Hargreaves launched a mural at Ainslie Village, planned and developed by residents.

The “Our Stories” mural project began back in February. Interested Ainslie Village residents were given sketch books and asked to develop ideas representing one of the stories of their lives.

Ainslie Village Mural

These stories were then painted onto a wall by the residents with the assistance and encouragement of community development workers.

‘The “Our Stories” project is an excellent example of bringing people together and combining story-telling and art as a means to strengthen the sense of community,” Mr Hargreaves said.

“It was supported by the YWCA of Canberra Community Development Unit and the Schizophrenia Fellowship’s Canberra City Day to Day Living program.

The project demonstrates that everyone has a story to tell and is symbolic of what can be achieved when people work together.

“The ACT Government values projects such as this, projects that bring people together and foster community spirit,” said Minister Hargreaves.

Photo credit: YWCA Canberra (click image for larger version)

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