Agenda: North Canberra Community Council meeting 21 May

Agenda: North Canberra Community Council meeting 21 May

The next meeting of the North Canberra Community Council is to be held at 7.30pm at ACT Sports House, 100 Maitland Street, Hackett.



Rebecca Stockley of Knight Frank: residentially led  mixed use development of 4-10 Cape Street (Blocks 4, 6, 15 and 16 Section 34 Dickson)

Jane Easthope, CEO, Canberra CBD Limited: discussion of website, blogs, Development Applications, car parking, planning etc.


Attendance and Apologies

Acceptance of Minutes of previous meeting

Acceptance; matters arising

Committee report

Report on Committee decisions since the previous General Meeting.

Treasurer’s report


Braddon Club update

Planning and Development (Project Facilitation) Amendment Bill2014.

Note that the Planning Committee was unable to reach agreement on this Bill. The Chair’s draft report recommended amendments to the Bill, but the Alternate draft report recommended that the Bill be rejected.

Consideration of membership applications

MOTION:That the presently pending membership application of a Raiders Club executive member be considered and decided no later than the Committee meeting arising immediately after the conclusion of the current ACAT matter regarding the Braddon Club site lease deconcessionalisation.

TBC: Traffic issues in Ainslie

Discussion of Roads ACT discussion paper expected early May 2014.

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