ACT Policing: Police to focus on anti-social behaviour this New Year’s Eve

ACT Policing: Police to focus on anti-social behaviour this New Year’s Eve

ACT Policing will provide high-visibility patrols to police anti-social behaviour and alcohol related offences in Civic and across the ACT during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Around 130 police officers will be working across the ACT to maintain law and order. In addition to normal response capabilities, ACT Policing will be dedicating resources towards the early targeting of underage drinking.

Superintendent Mick Calatzis warned those planning to drink excessively or consume illicit drugs are putting themselves at risk.

“Alcohol and illicit drugs affects your judgement and awareness of surroundings. It can dull your instincts and may lower your inhibitions. As a result your awareness of your own safety is reduced as is your ability to control and react to situations,” Superintendent Calatzis said.

ACT Policing is encouraging all revellers attending the many New Year’s Eve festivities across the capital to use common sense strategies when out celebrating, they include:

  • Remain alert and be aware of the people around you.
  • Think ahead – consider how you are going to get home – what about pre-booking a taxi or arranging a lift with a friend or family member?
  • Make sure you stay with your party and someone knows where you are at all times.
  • Ensure you have enough money to get home or to phone. Never hitch-hike.
  • Keep away from trouble – if you see any trouble or suspect that it might be about to start; stay clear. The best thing you can do is to alert the police and keep away.
  • Walk purposely and try to appear confident. Be wary of casual requests from strangers, like someone asking for a cigarette or change – they could have ulterior motives.
  • Handle money cautiously and discreetly. Also consider the necessity of the items you are carrying in your handbag or wallet – keep valuables to a minimum.

Superintendent Mick Calatzis said police will not tolerate public drunkenness and anti-social behaviour which detracts from other people enjoying the evening.

“If you plan to drive to any of the New Year’s Eve events, then plan on being breath tested. This includes drivers considering their residual level of intoxication on Friday morning.

“If you intend on drinking tomorrow night, plan ahead as to how many drinks you will have and keep the plan by monitoring your drinking. Never leave drinks unattended and only accept drinks from people you trust,” he said.

ACT Policing will have a strong presence at New Year’s Eve hotspots such as Civic, Dickson, Manuka and Kingston.

Superintendent Calatzis said police will be adopting a strict enforcement policy in relation to anti-social behaviour, associated crime and traffic offences.

“If you intend on coming into the hotspot areas to cause trouble you will be arrested,” he said.

“New Year’s Eve is a great night to celebrate with family and friends and one that everyone has the right to enjoy.

“Common sense, being alert and good planning is key to remaining safe and ensuring you remember the beginning of 2010 as a memorable night; for all the right reasons,” Superintendent Calatzis said.

Current road closure information:

Road closures will take place on:

  • London Circuit between Petrie Plaza and Akuna Street from 5pm until about 2am.
  • Mort Street will be closed for 12 hours between Cooyong Street and Bunda Street from 5pm until 5am.
  • During the fireworks display, other road closures will be implemented southbound on Northbourne Avenue between 8.50pm to 9.30pm and also from 11.50pm to 12.30am. Traffic will be diverted left along Cooyong Street, into Ballumbir Street, Coranderrk Street, Parkes Way with access to Commonwealth Avenue. The laneway behind the Canberra Theatre will also be closed.

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