ACT Policing: Police issue warning to drunken revellers (Civic)

ACT Policing: Police issue warning to drunken revellers (Civic)

ACT Policing has issued a warning of zero tolerance to intoxicated and out-of-control revellers this summer after an incident involving drunken juvenile males early this morning (Thursday, December 4) outside The Cube Nightclub in Civic.

Around 3am, police responded to the report of a disturbance at the location, where they observed a group of five males abusing security staff. The group were heavily intoxicated and admitted to police they were celebrating after their Year 10 school formal.

Police attempted to move the group on and were subjected to constant profanities and abuse. One youth broke away from the group and appeared to assault one of the security staff outside the nightclub. That young male was taken into custody.

Police left the location but were required to re-attend again a short time later and take further members of the group into custody for beaches of the peace and being intoxicated and disorderly. All those taken into custody were 16 years old. Parents of the youths were called to City Police Station to take them into their care. One substantive charge – that of failing to comply with a move-on direction – will be preferred at a later time.

Police have again issued a reminder to parents and the organisers of post-school parties and functions that they have a duty of care toward their patrons. Adults running these functions should ensure that those suspected of being drunk or anti-social are sent home, rather than allowed to roam the public streets.

“This was an ugly incident sparked by a group of drunken minors. It should never have been allowed to happen. Police are fed up with having to continually clean up the mess caused by the irresponsible supply and excessive consumption of alcohol after these sorts of events,” North District Acting Superintendent Dennis Gellatly said.

“Parents and guardians need to know where their children are going, when they will be home, and take firm steps to prevent the illegal, irresponsible and excessive alcohol consumption by minors.  It would be better for parents to find out where their kids are now, rather than to receive a phone call from the ACT Watch House later.”

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