ABC News: Hackett traffic 'likely to increase'

ABC News: Hackett traffic 'likely to increase'

On 18 September 2009 the ABC News, following up on a story from the previous day where Hackett residents have expressed concern with regard to traffic safety issues,. Roads ACT has now admitted that the traffic in Hackett is only likely to increase with new roadworks and development in Gungahlin and traffic control and management measures are currently not budgeted for.

ABC News Online reports as follows:

Hackett traffic ‘likely to increase’

Roads ACT say the traffic flow into Canberra’s inner-north suburb of Hackett is likely to increase unless new traffic arrangements are developed.

Commuters from Gungahlin and surrounding areas use Hackett as a shortcut to Civic and the Canberra Airport.

Hackett residents say the increased traffic flow poses a safety risk because the suburb is not designed to cope with large volumes of traffic.

Roads ACT director Tony Gill says residents can expect more traffic flowing into Antill Street.

“With the extension of Sandford Street into the Federal Highway and connecting it to Antill Street there’s likely to be more traffic using Antill Street than there currently is,” he said.

“This reinforces the need to better manage the traffic arrangements at Phillip Avenue and Majura Avenue.”

Mr Gill says the installation of traffic lights may reduce the amount of traffic passing through smaller residential streets.

“Roads ACT are currently progressing the design of traffic lights at the intersection of Phillip Avenue and Majura Avenue and we will be putting a bid for funds as part of the construction program for 2010/11,” he said.

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