TURNER Development Application: 201222004 Address: 46 MACLEAY STREET Block: 20 Section: 46

Proposal: S144 AMENDMENT BEFORE DECISION – 1. Front setback of 6m achieved, courtyard walls & fences deleted. 2. Solar access diagrams for all units on floor plans. 3. Bin area & stair/lobby changed to allow egress to communal space. 4. Unit 9. floor area reduced to decrease overshadowing. 5. Roof over Second FL lowered. 6. Shadow diagrams amended to reflect changes. 7. Unit layouts amended to reflect changes. 8. Units 3,4,7,8 balconies changed to allow sun access. 9. Amended Site plan. 10. Amended Landscape plan. 11. Amended Tree protection plan with neigbours trees added. 12. Amended Elevations & Section to reflect changes. Period for representations closes: 16/10/2012
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