Transitway will retain feel of Northbourne

Transitway will retain feel of Northbourne

Funding for the design of a transitway corridor along Northbourne Avenue was included in the ACT Budget 2011-12
Bus funding for 2011/12
ABOUT $2.5 million has been allocated in the ACT Budget 2011-12 to design a transitway corridor along Northbourne Avenue. The transitway will be constructed in both directions along Northbourne Avenue between Flemington Road and London Circuit. It will connect with the previously constructed transitway along Flemington Road, providing a continuous link between Gungahlin and the city as well as servicing inner-north commuters.

Territory and Municipal Services executive director of transport infrastructure Paul Peters said TAMS were wanting to hear from the community about how they would like to see the transitway project implemented. “Community organisations were invited to participate in a workshop in March to identify the constraints that exist within the corridor and the opportunities for improved transport for all users,” he said. “In the coming weeks members of the community will be invited to submit comment on the options identified as part of the study.”

Mr Peters said it was important that the current look and feel of Northbourne Avenue be retained as part of the project. “It is important that the design of the Transitway is developed noting the amenity and planning requirements of Northbourne Avenue as a significant entry point into the Nation’s Capital,” he said.

ACT Greens transport spokesperson Amanda Bresnan said the Greens were pleased that the government was finally looking into building a transitway along Northbourne Avenue. “The funding for new bus transitways, extensions to the network and a renewed focus on infill development around town and group centres, show that the Greens’ transport planning arguments are starting to get through to the government,” she said.
“The commitment to a design study for a bus transitway on Northbourne Avenue is a major win for the Greens as we have called for this consistently.”

Ms Bresnan said she hoped the study would also explore light rail options along Northbourne Avenue. “I would hope that [the study] doesn’t rule out light rail,” she said.
She said that one option could be to build a busway, but leave in place the possibility of converting the route to light rail further down the track.

“What they’ve done in other cities and other states is when you put in place all this work you put in place permanent routes to allow the mode of public transport to change in the future,” she said.
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