Task Force aims to attact international flights to Canberra

Task Force aims to attact international flights to Canberra

The Chief Minister has chaired the inaugural meeting of the ACT Government’s Aviation Task Force, which aims to attract international flights to and from Canberra.

The North Canberra Community Council believes that resident input is important, because of the possible noise impacts of international flights. In order to clarify the level of resident input, we have asked for a list of the tourism, business, education and community sector organisations that are represented on the Task Force.

For information about the Task Force, see: http://www.cmd.act.gov.au/open_government/inform/act_government_media_releases/barr/2012/acts_aviation_taskforce_takes_off

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  1. Years ago Canberra Airport was only allowed to handle military and emergency B747 flights. Smaller aircraft such as B767 were OK. Is this still the case? If B747 flights are allowed 24/7 we will have lots of noise complaints.

    Chris Emery

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