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ACT Tree replacement program 2009 nears completion

The ACT Government will soon complete a tree replacement program at 24 locations across Canberra. Under the program 282 trees in poor health and which pose public safety risks are being replaced with 588 trees. Work is expected to be complete by the end of next month. Each of the trees identified for replacement was thoroughly assessed by a tree expert with factors like the presence of die back, tree rot and hollows, as well as their location and general health, being carefully considered. In all cases pruning was closely considered first with complete removal being the last option.

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Tree replacement program set to begin

Almost 300 trees will be removed under the ACT Government’s Tree Replacement Program this year, but more than double that number will be replanted. This year’s work will involve the removal of 282 trees and 48 suckers and stumps, and the planting of 588 trees. The trees in question have been identified as being in decline, or already hazardous to the public. The works will begin in September, with planting to begin in early October, and will be carried out at 24 sites across the city. The Tree Replacement Program primarily focuses on the older suburbs of Canberra and includes

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Neighbourhood Street and Park Tree Replacement Program consultation (closing 18 June 2009)

Long term retention of formal street tree landscapes is important for Canberra’s ‘Garden City’ character to be maintained. Parks, Conservation and Lands of the Department of Territory and Municipal Services is committed to maintaining this tree landscape and a replacement program is a vital part of that maintenance. On behalf of Parks, Conservation and Lands, Scenic Landscape Architecture has undertaken an assessment of the long-term viability of trees in some streets and parks within the North Canberra area. Some of these will form part of the current package of works to be undertaken in the 2008-2009 Tree Replacement Program.

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Latest DAs

80 Lewin Street, Lyneham, ACT - DA: 202239880 Closes: 2022-10-04;

AMENDMENT TO APPROVED DA202239880 - S197A Amendment to the development application for proposal for 2 storey additions to existing residence including carport, alfresco and associated site works. - The Amendment is to change the windows & doors, internal walls and kitchen amended, upper floor redesigned & increased, roof redesigned, cladding type changed, and associated works.

86 Waller Crescent, Campbell, ACT - DA: 202240566 Closes: 2022-09-13;

PROPOSAL FOR DWELLING ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS - demolition of the existing garage and partial demolition of the existing dwelling, construction of a new extension to the ground floor including extended living and an attached garage, new internal renovations, driveway extension, landscaping and associated works.

1 Swainsona Street, O'connor, ACT - DA: 202240537 Closes: 2022-09-14;

PROPOSAL FOR NEW DWELLING AND SECONDARY RESIDENCE - demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of a new 2 storey primary dwelling with attached garage and a new single storey secondary residence with attached carport, new driveway, landscaping and associated works.

17 Archibald Street, Lyneham, ACT - DA: 202240580 Closes: 2022-09-09;

PROPOSAL FOR NEW DWELLING - demolition of the existing dwelling, driveway and carport, construction of a new single storey dwelling with attached double garage, new driveway, alfresco and associated works.

71 Constitution Avenue, Campbell, ACT - DA: 202240451 Closes: 2022-09-14;

LEASE VARIATION - To vary the Crown lease by adding consulting rooms, health centre and indoor recreation facility as permissible uses.

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