Suggested wording for letters to be sent to MLAs regarding Hackett traffic issues

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In the April 2009 Hackett Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter mention was made of a copy of a sample letter being made available online, so it could be copied and sent to the Chief Minister in regard to the Hackett traffic issues. More details of this ongoing issue can be read on this page: Hackett Traffic Issues

The sample letter has been reproduced below in both a short and long format. You are encouraged to copy the text below and adapt it as you see fit. Your completed correspondence should be sent to the relevant MLA(s) via either email or traditional post.

Short Format Sample Letter:

Mr. Jon Stanhope, Chief Minister and Minister for Transport
Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory
GPO Box 1020
Canberra ACT 2601


Dear Mr Stanhope,

Hackett Traffic

I am writing to you as a resident of Hackett to express my concern regarding the number of vehicles using Hackett as a short-cut in the mornings. Almost a thousand vehicles each morning are entering Hackett – the majority of which are cutting through to get right-of-way onto Majura Avenue. Our suburban streets were not planned for this volume of traffic and it is potentially dangerous for children on their way to school, for older people and affects the quality of life of everyone in the suburb.

I am therefore seeking your support to give priority to installing traffic lights at the corner of Phillip Avenue and Majura Avenue. These lights would help avoid the traffic snarl we get every morning at that intersection and would therefore remove the incentive for cars to go through Hackett.

I understand that a number of political parties, including the ACT Labor Party and the ACT Greens, supported the prioritised installation of the traffic lights at that intersection at the North Canberra “Meet the Candidates” meeting held at Dickson College on 17 September.

I request that you please both acknowledge the receipt of this letter and let me know your response to this issue in writing. I can be contacted at the following address and/or phone number

Yours sincerely,

(Insert Your Name & Contact Details)

Concerned resident

Long Format Sample Letter:

(Insert MLA’s name(s) as appropriate from list below)

Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory
GPO Box 1020
Canberra ACT 2601

Dear (Insert MLA’s name(s) as appropriate from list below),

MLAs responsible for Transport Issues across all parties:

Jon Stanhope –
(Chief Minister & Minister for Transport)

Zed Seselja  –
(Opposition spokesperson for Transport Planning)

Amanda Bresnan –
(ACT Greens spokesperson for Transport)

Other elected representatives of the Molonglo electorate:

Andrew Barr –
Simon Corbell –
Katy Gallagher –

Jeremy Hanson –
Caroline Le Couteur –
Shane Rattenbury –

The proposed traffic changes to calm morning through-traffic in Hackett

I am writing to you as a concerned resident to express my concern regarding the proposed new changes to the morning traffic controls surrounding Hackett. The proposal offered by ACT Roads and Traffic offers 2 options: A) to allow no left turn from Aspinall Street into Hackett between 7.30-9.30am or B) to allow no left or right turn from Aspinall Street into Hackett between 7.30-9.30am. This is to address the problem of residents from the newly developed suburbs to Canberra’s North-West, using Maitland St, Hackett as a “rat-run” to by-pass east bound traffic waiting to turn right into Majura Avenue from Phillip St, that has to give way to west bound traffic turning left into Majura Avenue from Phillip St. Queues here are excessive in the mornings because of this give way issue.

At several public meetings held to discuss this issue, for instance on 17March 2009 – Meeting of the Hackett Community Association, approximately 25 local resident attendees – residents have resoundingly agreed on the need for traffic lights to this intersection

I understand that the Hackett Community Association has requested more time for consideration of the matter and for community consultation, and that they will be taking back the community standpoint to ACT Roads & Traffic Authority shortly. I also understand that the preferences of this committee have not been answered/addressed by ACT Roads & Traffic Authority in the interim solution.

I am strongly opposed to the acceptance of this ACT Roads latest solution for the following reasons:

  • The proposal offers a compromised solution without actually resolving the real issue of the intersection to Phillip St and Majura Ave. The Phillip St/Majura Ave intersection warrants lights and all other interim measures postpone the best practice solution and will cost the Territory more money in the long term rather than the appropriate solution from the start. Lights offer the best value-for-money and design solution to this safety issue;
  • The proposal will constrict access into the suburb for many of the residents of the area who currently drop off school children in Watson during these hours. The proposal punishes the residents it is supposed to be helping;
  • The proposal will constrict access for non-local customers who wish to enjoy the services offered by the local Hackett shops;
  • The interim solution still will leave bike riders and pedestrians without a safe means of crossing the problem Phillip St/Majura Ave intersection;
  • Without policing the proposed traffic restrictions the interim solution will not work – physical policing would appear to be a very inefficient use of taxpayers dollars, and for the proposed solution not to be enforced (and therefore not work) likewise is a waste of money.
  • (Add your own reasons here)

Please let me know your response to this issue in writing. I can be contacted at the above address and or phone number. I await your earliest advice on how taxpayer’s dollars are being spent.

Yours sincerely,

(Insert Your Name & Contact Details)

Concerned resident

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