Senator Humphries statement regarding ASIO building

Senator Humphries statement regarding ASIO building

Artist's impression of the ASIO building on Constitution Avenue (Source: ASIO)

In July 2009 the North Canberra Community Council approached Senator for the ACT Gary Humphries for direct comment in response to the following article that was published on the NCCC website:

ABC News: New ASIO HQ branded ‘barbed wire city’

Senator Humphries replied to the original NCCC email request indicating that he would be making further statements in the next few days.

Unfortunately it appears that the task of sending the response to the NCCC was delegated to one of his staffers who failed to complete this task. This fact only recently came to light when the staffer recently left his employ. Senator Humphries has apologised for the delay in providing the statement.

The statement that the Senator originally prepared has been reproduced below:

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