Second-hand Sunday (29 November 2009)

Second-hand Sunday (29 November 2009)

Territory and Municipal Services logoSecond-hand Sunday is a free community event that gives everyone an opportunity to give away or collect unwanted but useable items from homes across the ACT. Second-hand Sunday is this coming Sunday 29 November  2009, from 9.00am to 3.00pm

Registered participants display a Second-hand Sunday poster at the front of their home along with any unwanted but useable items they want to give away.The list of addresses and a summary of the items being given away is available at or a hard copy of this list is available at any ACT public library.

Although it is too late to register your address and items, everyone is welcome to take part as a collector or if you would like to give away items without registering, make sure there is a Second-hand Sunday poster or sign nearby to avoid confusion. You may download a poster from the website or pick up one from an ACT public library.

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