Raiders’ Braddon development one step closer after challenge blocked

Raiders’ Braddon development one step closer after challenge blocked

Artist Impression of the new Raiders building in Braddon. – Canberra Times

The Canberra Raiders’ proposed $80 million redevelopment project in Braddon is one step closer to reality after the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal blocked a challenge to the removal of concessional status of the land’s lease on Monday.

A year after the Braddon Club was closed, the North Canberra Community Council had sought to stop the club’s redevelopment plan for the site, set to include a mixed residential-commercial project consisting of 160 units, shops, restaurants and offices.

The ACT Planning and Land Authority and the Raiders challenged the community council’s legal standing to appeal the lease change decision in September and October last year, and sought orders to have the appeal dismissed.

The council was found to have appropriate standing in January and in a decision handed down on Monday, the tribunal found there were no reasons to refuse the deconcessionalisation of the land’s Crown lease.

Representatives of the council had argued against the redevelopment of the 8200 square metre site, which it said should be retained for community recreational uses needed by residents of the area.

ACAT general president Linda Crebbin and senior member Donald McMichael recognised there could be further matters to be considered when the application to vary the lease purpose clause was made, and again at the time of assessment for a redevelopment proposal.

“The tribunal considers that the process set out in the legislation for deconcessionalisation of a Crown lease may not be working as well as was intended,” the decision said.
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