North Watson Land Use Master Plan

A Draft Land Use Master Plan for North Watson was commissioned by ACT Planning and Land Management in 2002, and printed on 28 March 2003, after undergoing a formal community consultation process. This plan has not been published as a precinct plan or a concept plan, and therefore does not have formal planning status in the Territory Plan. To do so would require a Draft Variation to the Territory Plan. Nevertheless it is a very important document. The ideas expressed in the draft master plan appear to have been considered in subsequent developments in North Watson. The North Watson Landscape Master Plan, which forms part of the overall Draft Land Use Master Plan, was adopted as a legislated planning guideline under the old Territory Plan and can be found on the ACTPLA website (under the 2002 version of the Territory Plan – guidelines – Watson).

The version of the Draft Land Use Master Plan provided by the North Canberra Community Council was transcribed from a printout provided as part of the community consultation process. The transcription is not an official document and cannot be guaranteed to be free of errors or omissions.

There are three separate parts of the report provided to reduce download time for non-broadband users.

LUP text North Watson (326 KB)
This file contains the table of contents and written text for the Draft Land Use Master Plan for North Watson (2003).

LUP figures North Watson (2619 KB)
This file contains scanned copies of the twelve figures mentioned in the text. Because they have had to be scanned from photocopies, and further degraded to reduce file size, there are a number of figures which will be difficult to study on screen. The originals were published colour plots, roughly 84cm by 62cm in size. The Watson Community Association has paper plots of Figure 10 and Figure 12, the most indicative of the figures for long term planning purposes.

LUP Attachment A North Watson (801 KB)
This file contains the Tree Survey and Assessment data inventory, excel spreadsheets, and four scanned maps showing the locations and details of the trees surveyed. This data was provided as an attachment in the Draft Land Use Master Plan. The maps have been scanned from photocopies, and further degraded to reduce file size. Better quality digital material can be obtained from the Watson Community Association if required.



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