North Canberra Community Council

EPIC tourist accommodation proposal

The Watson Community Association (WCA) was approached by a consultant employed by Parsons Brinkerhoff to inform the WCA of a scoping study for the provision of ‘hard top’ accommodation on the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) site in North Lyneham. The session gathered verbal answers from the WCA members present at the meeting to a cultural survey. The consultant has communicated with a broad range of potential stakeholders, including accommodation users and managers of EPIC accommodation siting (Summernats, Folk Festival); community groups such as the WCA; and other commercial interests, including the Carotel complex in Watson.

The document produced as a result of this conversation can be viewed. It includes a precise of answers which the WCA gave to the questions which were asked. Broader scale planning issues are addressed. The file contains images of the site.

The Chronicle wrote a front page article in the city edition on April 21 2009 on the EPIC accommodation proposal, instigated as a result of a discussion held with the Watson Community Association.

EPIC expected to have their final report ready to present to the ACT Government by the end of this month, which would then progress as a cabinet submission.

A spokesman for minister Barr said recommendations to government would be put forward around August this year as a result of a draft.

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