National Tree Day Planting Party on Mount Majura

National Tree Day Planting Party on Mount Majura

The North Canberra Community Council continues to be a proud supporter of National Tree Day. This year we are providing funding for a school children’s planting event on July 27 and support for a larger community event on July 29. Both events will be held in the Mt Majura Nature Reserve. Click for more details.

National Tree Day Planting Party on Mount Majura

Join the Friends of Mount Majura (FoMM) and the Watson Woodland parkCare groups to celebrate National Tree Day 2012 with the planting of local trees, shrubs and flowering ground-cover plants in the Mount Majura nature park. Bring your mum and dad, friends, neighbours and colleagues and make the event a real community planting party.

This year we are planting in an area of the nature park behind the new residential development called “The Fair”.  National Tree Day is a wonderful opportunity for new and old neighbours of Mount Majura to work together, get to know each other and promote the joys of our local bush environment. Holes are already being dug and water has been delivered so all will be in place on July 29th for an orgy of planting!

 When: Sunday 29 July 2012, from 1.00pm to 3.00pm

Come for an Introduction on how to plant at 1.00pm

Where: Mount Majura nature park behind “The Fair” in North Watson. Use the park entrance on Antill Street opposite Carotel for a 5-minute, signposted walk to the planting site.

What to wear: Garden gloves, appropriate clothing and foot wear, wrap up warmly.

What to bring: Bucket, trowel or small mattock if you have one; please label items with your phone number.

Enjoy warm up drinks, tamtams and a thank-you BBQ by the Majura Mountain Scouts.

Enquiries: e-mail, phone 62477517

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