May 21 Newsletter

May 21 Newsletter

The ACT Government has recently commenced the community consultation phase of the ACT Planning Review, which is examining current planning laws and exploring changes that could improve the process around Development Applications, Territory Plan variations and compliance issues.

The NCCC believes that the ACT Planning Review will have a significant bearing on future development in North Canberra and supports, in principle, the need for reform to the Territory Planning System.

While some high level details of the work being undertaken by the ACT Government have been released, the specific reforms are yet to be outlined. The NCCC is concerned that the opportunity for broader community consultation in North Canberra appears to be a single ‘limited capacity’ public session in late June (further details below) and even more limited capacity stakeholder sessions with selected Community Council representatives.

This does not allow sufficient opportunity for NCCC members and the wider community to provide meaningful input on the details of the various policy options that will impact the future of our suburbs.

NCCC updates

  • Presentation by Canberra Racing Club : At the May Committee Meeting, the Canberra Racing Club provided a presentation to update the NCCC on the progression of their proposal to repurpose some of Thoroughbred Park (near EPIC) for development.Following their presentation to NCCC members in February, the architects have completed site investigations (including for environmental and traffic impacts) and drafted an indicative precinct plan (a photo is attached here). The repurposed sections of Thoroughbred Park would be rezoned as CZ5 (noting that there is 2-3 years remaining in the Territory Variation process) and an estimated 3,200 dwellings.
  • Limited capacity public meeting announced on ACT Planning Review: As noted above, the ACT Government has announcedit will be hosting a number of evening workshops across the different areas of Canberra, which would run for three hours, with limited capacity (registrations essential).There is only one session scheduled to be held for the ‘Inner North district’ (Thursday 24 June, 6pm – 9pm at the Ainslie Football Club – the registration page can be accessed here). The NCCC will keep members updated on any further opportunities to provide comment, including if representatives from the ACT Government agree to provide a presentation at a future NCCC General Meeting.

Local news and updates

  • Discussion Paper on allowing seaplanes on Lake Burley Griffin: The National Capital Authority has been in talks with two seaplane operators regarding the potential for seaplane services on Lake Burley Griffin and has also recently released a Discussion Paper for public comment (which can be accessed here). The period for consultation closes on 22 June 2021.
  • Braddon Streetscape Upgrade project: The public consultation period recently closed on the ACT Government’s proposedstreetscape design for Lonsdale Street in Braddon. The NCCC supports the design measures to reduce car traffic on Lonsdale street and additional amenities such as public art and garden beds to improve foot traffic, however, the NCCC also notes that some local residents and businesses expressed disappointment that the upgrades did not extend to the accompanying Mort Street as well.

You can find out about new DAs in your area, including information on how to lodge a submission, by accessing this ACT Government website or by visiting the NCCC website.

Financial Update
The NCCC’s current balance as of May 2021 is $5,873, with projected remaining expenditure in 2020-21 of $3,830.
The key expenditure items for the NCCC in May related to supporting the Reid Residents Association to deliver three public walks to highlight the conservation of pebble posts, and the publication of the Reid Residents Association newsletter. The NCCC also provided support for the Mt Pleasant Parkcare group to publicise its two major annual planting days.


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