LYNEHAM Development Application: 201528723 Address: 61 GOODWIN STREET Block: 2 Section: 47

Proposal: COMMUNITY FACILITY- LYNEHAM SCHOOL-DEMOLITION. Proposed decommissioning and removal of the underground storage tank and associated soil testing in regard to contamination present and reinstatement of the site.  Period for representations closes: 01/02/2016

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  1. This is at Lyneham High School, adjacent to the Boiler House.
    Assuming that appropriate environmental precautions are taken, especially in relation to waste heating oil spillage risks, and crane use, it seems unobjectionable.
    Presumably @Lyneham_ACT couldn’t care less as it is nothing to do with some few NIMBYs’ and Bigots’ various views about anything DA at @ourBCC in Brigalow Street.

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