Invitation to comment: Proposal for legislation to increase the energy efficiency of Canberra's hot water services

Invitation to comment: Proposal for legislation to increase the energy efficiency of Canberra's hot water services

ACT Government LogoACT Greens MLA, Caroline Le Couteur is proposing to introduce a private members bill before the Legislative Assembly to legislate increasing the energy efficiency of Canberra’s hot water services.

Ms. Le Couteur is currently soliciting public comment and feedback on her proposed legislation.

The correspondence received on 29 July 2009 was as follows:

To all Community Councils and their members,

I am introducing a Bill to the ACT Legislative Assembly to increase the
energy efficiency of Canberra’s hot water services.

The bill basically means that only efficient, environmentally friendly
hot water systems can be installed in new and existing homes and
townhouses. These are largely solar hot water, heat pumps or high
efficiency gas.  No-one is required to replace a working system.  It
would not apply to multi-unit residential apartments, as there are a
number of complexities that need to be worked out in this area.

The intention is to reduce the negative environmental impacts of hot
water systems in the ACT. Water heating accounts for around 25% of the
energy used in an average home. The greenhouse gas emissions from the
many inefficient, electric hot water heaters are significant. Replacing
an electric hot water system with a gas-boosted solar system would
decrease the amount of energy used by about 95%.

Information on the legislation can be found at
and the explanatory statement can be found at

I would also like to add that this bill is not a new concept – in fact
all it really does is catch the ACT up to some other jurisdictions.
Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia have already
introduced similar legislation. It is also on its way at the national
level through the COAG process however I am concerned that this is
moving too slowly.  Also the national process will only affect new
houses, not replacement of hot water services in existing houses.

If you would like further information I would be happy to attend your
council meeting and talk about the Bill. Alternatively, please feel free
to contact my office 02 6205 0051 if you have any comments or feedback.


Caroline Le Couteur
ACT Greens MLA for Molonglo
ACT Greens Spokesperson for Planning, Territory and Municipal Services,
Business and Economic Development, Indigenous Affairs, Arts and Heritage
Phone:  6205 0051
GPO Box 1020 Canberra ACT 2601

Individuals requiring additional information or wishing to provide personal comments or feedback on the proposed legislation should address their comments directly to the office of Ms. Le Couteur MLA as per the details above or alternatively contact her office via email:

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