Invitation to comment: Inquiry Into RZ3 and RZ4 Residential Development Policies (closing 16 October 2009)

Invitation to comment: Inquiry Into RZ3 and RZ4 Residential Development Policies (closing 16 October 2009)

ACT Government LogoThe Standing Committee on Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services invites interested individuals and organisations to prepare a submission to an inquiry into RZ3 and RZ4 residential development policies – Inner North Canberrat.

The Committee will be evaluating issues related to the RZ3 (Urban) and RZ4 (Medium Density) residential redevelopment policies applying in north Canberra along the major transport corridor of Northbourne Avenue and surrounding areas. The Committee will also look at the broader issues of demand for higher density developments, development along transport routes, implications for housing affordability, the influence of redevelopment policy on reducing overall travel, and the potential impacts on the amenity enjoyed by residents of the areas affected and amelioration options.

The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry can be obtained below, or from the Committee Office and via the Legislative Assembly Committee website where you will also find updates on the Inquiry and published submissions:

Written submissions for the inquiry should be lodged with the Committee Secretary by 16 October 2009 although late submissions may be accepted.

Submission should address one or all of the terms of reference and can be in the form of a letter, detailed paper or even a few key dot points to let the Committee know what you think of the issue.  This may include what you see as the pros and/or cons of the issue, options for policy, legislative or regulatory change, and potential impacts on stakeholders.

Submissions should include your full name, postal address, email address and telephone number. Electronic lodgement is preferred.

For further information or to lodge a submission please contact the Committee Secretary on (02) 6205 0435 or by email at

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