Invitation to Comment – Drug Driving Exposure Draft (closing 24 June 2010)

Invitation to Comment – Drug Driving Exposure Draft (closing 24 June 2010)

The ACT Government’s proposed road side drug testing Bill has been released for public comment ahead of its expected introduction in the Legislative Assembly in July 2010.

The Road Transport (Drug Driving) Bill 2010 and Road Transport (Drug Driving) Regulation 2010 provides a comprehensive model for addressing drug-impaired driving in the ACT. The Bill gives ACT police new powers to conduct random road side drug tests to detect the presence of illicit drugs such as cannabis, methylamphetamine and ecstasy using an oral fluid screening test. It gives police the authority to request a driver to undergo a blood test if they have reasonable grounds to believe the driver is affected by a controlled drug that cannot be detected by the oral fluid screening test.

Under the new laws, people involved in road accidents would also be required to provide a blood sample for testing.

The legislation supports existing laws that make it an offence to drive while impaired by a medicine.

The Bill is available to view online at or can be found by visiting (under ‘Get Involved’).

The closing date for comments is Thursday 24 June 2010. For further information contact Canberra Connect on 13 22 81.

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