Have your say about new rules for disability services

Have your say about new rules for disability services

Commonwealth, State and Territory governments want to hear from people about what rules (standards) should be in place for disability services. This consultation is currently underway.

These rules will be used by disability service providers all over Australia. Governments are setting the rules to make sure all people who use disability services have the same idea about what a good quality service means.

What will the questions be about?

Governments are asking questions about:

  • what things the rules for disability service providers should cover;
  • what words should be in the rules;
  • how to make sure that disability service providers follow the rules; and
  • how people with a disability and their family members and carers should give feedback on how well disability service providers follow the rules.

Who is going to take part?

All different types of people who are interested in disability services are included:

  • people with a disability;
  • family members and carers;
  • staff at disability services;
  • staff at advocacy agencies; and
  • government staff.

How can people have a say about the rules for disability services?

In the ACT, feedback is being facilitated through the national survey and written submissions. Your participation is encouraged via either of these avenues.

To assist you Disability ACT has established a project website. The website contains a link to the national survey and information about how to lodge a written submission. Information regarding the National Quality Framework and Information Bulletins are also available. The website address is www.dhcs.act.gov.au/disability_act/national_quality_framework

For further information please contact the Disability ACT Information Service on 6207 1086 or by email at disabilityact@act.gov.au

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