Haig Park draft master plan

Haig Park draft master plan

Canberrans are invited to comment on the recommendations of the draft master plan for Haig Park.

Haig Park is listed on the ACT Heritage Register and is a significant landscape feature in the inner north of Canberra.

The completed master plan will guide the management, maintenance and any future upgrade of this important park over the next five to ten years.

Comments on the recommendations of the draft master plan can be made by emailing communityengagement@act.gov.au or by picking up a hardcopy feedback form from the Dickson or Civic libraries. For more information visit www.timetotalk.act.gov.au

Consultation closes 5:00pm Friday 13 July 2012.

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  1. There is no question Haig Park is an important feature of inner Canberra. However, inspite of replacement or maintenance activities announced by responsible agencies, there is a marked lack of follow through. As an example, the drains between McCaughey Street and Froggatt Street have, over years, become blocked by weeds and severely overgrown through lack of routine maintenance. Dead trees are slow to be replaced. There is a lack of interest or ability on the part of those entrusted with the city’s maintenance to fulfill the tasks entrusted to them – except perhaps in the period immediately before an election. Consequently, a change of govenrment may be desirable to renew the organs of govenment which like the Haig Park’s drains appears to have become clogged.

    Anthony Owen

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